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Joint Implementation: The first Danish project in Eastern Europe

Presseresumé af udvalgte artikler om miljø og natur fra de landsdækkende aviser på hverdage.
Presseresumé udarbejdes af Miljøministeriet.

Presseresumé nr. 23, april 2003

Joint Implementation: The first Danish project in Eastern Europe:

Romania and Denmark have agreed on a climate project in Romania. The project aims at replacing oil and natural gas by wood waste products in district heating plants in five Rumanian cities, thereby enabling Romania to use new technology to provide cheaper district heating to poor urban areas while concomitantly reducing emissions. Denmark is financing part of the investment, and in return can transfer up to 720,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents to the Danish climate accounts over the coming years.

The exact scope of CO2 credits depends among other things on how the consumption of heat and wood waste products develops in the five cities. A UN committee will soon be set up to approve such CO2 credits. The exact price will not be settled until all the credits are approved and transferred, but is expected to be DKK 40–60 (5–8 euro) per tonne CO2.

Denmark is committed to pay about 20% of the investment costs related to the project, a total of DKK 19.6 million (2.7 million euro). The EU and local funds will finance the remaining project costs. Already in the previous government period, Denmark contributed approx. DKK 8 million (1.08 million euro) for preparation of the project, which was launched as an assistance project. The project will be implemented within the overall climate cooperation agreement made between Denmark and Romania in January 2003.

The Danish Minister for the Environment has also entered into agreements on climate cooperation with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia and the Czech Republic. Moreover, the Minister is presently preparing a number of Joint Implementation projects in Eastern Europe.

Further information: Morten Pedersen, Danish EPA. Phone: +45 3266 0100. E-mail, or Erik Tang, Danish EPA. Phone: +45 3266 0295. E-mail:

For the project documentation see:

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